Celebrate International Compost Awareness Week

April 29, 2020

Celebrated every year during the first full week of May, International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) promotes the benefits of composting! ICAW is celebrated nationwide and is one of the largest and most comprehensive education initiatives in the compost industry.

Since its inception in 1995 in Canada, ICAW has continued to grow as more people, municipalities, companies, organizations, and schools are recognizing the importance of composting and the long-term advantages of organics recycling. ICAW also raises awareness of the many benefits of using compost and soil amendment blends to improve and maintain high-quality soil—like growing healthier plants, reducing fertilizer and pesticide usage, and protecting Unci Maka, or Grandmother Earth.

All of our compost and compost blends are sold in bulk by the cubic yard. Contact our main office at 952.233.9191 for more information. Meanwhile, here are just a few reasons why the SMSC Organics Recycling Facility promotes composting and using soil-enriching compost blends during ICAW and beyond:

  • Compost helps sustain healthy plant growth by providing necessary nutrients.
  • Compost allows you to cut down on watering because it helps soil retain moisture.
  • You know what they say—the early bird gets the worm! Earthworms thrive in enriched soil, where they can release essential nutrients that strengthen plants.
  • Be a good steward of the earth—composting reduces the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill.

Although social distancing will likely keep us for a bit longer, we plan to celebrate the spirit of ICAW regardless—stay tuned!