Tips and Tricks to an Eco‑Friendly Winter

December 30, 2019

The winter months can bring challenges to eco-friendly living due to the cold temperatures. Although you may not be able to harvest a full vegetable garden or air-dry your laundry in the backyard, there are a number of sustainable activities you can implement during the winter season to maintain a minimal carbon footprint.

1. Continue Composting
Keep your waste output low by continuing to compost throughout the winter months. The idea of composting in the winter doesn’t have to be something to dread! Avoid the cold and keep your toes warm by placing a small composting bin outside your back door that’s easily accessible. Since the temperatures are low, the compost will freeze and remove odors!

2. Clean Green
The way you clean and the products you use to clean your house can significantly impact your carbon footprint. Try to use less cleaning product or use green cleaning products paired with 100% recyclable cloths or paper towels. When doing laundry, refrain from doing multiple small loads and maximize each load by filling to its capacity—this will help save water and energy!

3. Use Nontoxic De-Icing Products
Though using a de-icing product is a quick and easy way to remove ice from your driveway and sidewalks surrounding your house, it can have a negative impact on your lawn, plants, and pets. Consider substituting a chemical de-icing product with sand, clay, or cat litter.

4. Recycle Your Christmas Tree at the SMSC Organics Recycling Facility
Now that the holiday has ended and the presents under your Christmas tree have been removed, recycle your tree for free at our facility! By dropping off your tree, we can create nutrient-dense mulch and compost in an earth-friendly manner. Trees will be accepted during the facility’s normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm), until January 31.