Winter Lawn Care 101

December 1, 2018

You’ve spent all summer admiring your lawn and enjoying its bounties, whether it was outdoor barbecues, camp-outs for the kids, or bonfires on crisp, midsummer nights. Although a snow-covered lawn is likely when you spend the least amount of time thinking about grass, there are a few tips and tricks you can do before and during the colder months to seed the way to a lush, green yard come spring.

Winterizing Do’s

Do apply lawn fertilizer in early fall to help promote spring growth
Do save water by shutting off your sprinklers or irrigation during the colder months
Do keep trees and bushes healthy by removing decaying or dying branches
Do guard plants and shrubs with mulch—wait until the first hard freeze and add mulch to the base of plants about 2-4 inches deep and cover with soil
Do clean up your yard and add some of the brown yard waste (like leaves) to your compost pile for insulation

Winterizing Don’ts

Don’t forget to rake and remove autumn leaves before the snow arrives
Don’t leave stagnant water sources around your yard—as soon as the weather cools, these are mosquito breeding grounds
Don’t plow or remove snow from the grass as this can cause patchiness when your spring grass is trying to grow
Don’t throw yard waste in the garbage! Fall is the perfect time to create a compost pile
Don’t neglect your garden—clear out any plant debris from garden beds to prevent mildew and mold

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