Seven Generations Bulk Compost

Seven Generations Bulk Compost

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Our premium Seven Generations Compost helps improve soil texture and nutrition to create healthy lawns, high-yielding gardens, and vibrant flower beds. Nutrient-rich, this half-inch screened compost is a natural food source for plants, made from composted vegetables, grass clippings, and other natural materials. Seven Generations Compost is ideal for already established gardens, turf establishment, horticulture, and agricultural applications.
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Custom Blends Available

We can make custom blends to meet your needs. Please call to learn more about custom blend options: 952.233.9191.

Pickup Details

After you place your online order, please allow one hour to process and prepare it for pickup.

The SMSC Organics Recycling Facility is a bulk-only facility. An open-bed truck or trailer are recommended for pickup.

Upon arrival, check in with the attendant on duty who will ring up your order and direct you to the loading location. Our trained operators will load your material with a bobcat.

If you have questions, feel free to call 952.233.9191 or ask the attendant on duty.

Delivery Options

Please call 952.233.9191 or fill out this form to request delivery.

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