Go Green this Halloween

October 3, 2022

With Halloween and other fun fall activities right around the corner, it is important to make conscience, eco-friendly decisions about the materials that you use when it comes to decorating or dressing up. Below are some helpful tips to help you go green this Halloween!

Get Crafty and Reuse
Forget those costly, store-bought costumes! Create your own from items that you already have. It saves you money and cuts down on plastic waste. Some ideas to help you get started include:

  • A scarecrow (overalls, a flannel shirt, face makeup, and straw)
  • Salt and pepper shakers (a black shirt, a white shirt, and construction paper)
  • A chef (an apron and cooking utensils)
  • A jack-o’-lantern (orange clothing and construction paper or face makeup)

In addition to reusing apparel to create a costume, try repurposing your paper or plastic grocery bags to collect candy. This is an easy way to extend the life cycle of those items and save money. If you opt into buying a bucket or basket, store it somewhere safe to use again for the years ahead!

Trick or Treat by Foot or Bike
Instead of packing the car up with monsters and princesses, try opting to walk or bike around your community. This is ultimately better for the environment, saves on gas, and encourages healthy movement—a win-win-win option. Remember to bring along flashlights or wear reflective gear if you head out after sunset!

Decorate with Natural Decor, then Compost
Try sticking with compostable decorations this year! Swap out plastic gourds and pumpkins for natural ones. Pick up some straw and work fall mum plants into your decoration spread. Not only is this better for Mother Earth, but it gives your family a chance to head to the pumpkin patch and support local farms. Don’t forget to compost what’s left of those organics to return their nutrients back into the soil.

After the fall season ends, all of those pumpkins need to go somewhere. Great news! The SMSC Organics Recycling Facility offers a FREE Pumpkin Drop-Off program to the public during the first two weeks of November. Simply remove any candles or decorations, then swing by during the facility’s normal business hours from November 1-12 to drop off your pumpkins.